Company History

IES Recycling was started to provide better, faster, and more cost effective gas cylinder management services. Related by ownership to Integrated Environmental Services, Inc. (IES), the company was founded to address a growing opportunity to take materials that are normally handled as waste and instead, manage them as useful products.

IES Recycling, Inc. (IESR) started operations in 2005 drawing on the technical expertise of IES in establishing its Atlanta-based recycling center. As the innovative technical leader in waste gas cylinder management, IES has been in business since 1991 and holds more than 35 patents for both equipment and processing technology.

In the years leading up to opening IES Recycling, IES managed thousands of compressed gas cylinders for such clients as:

  • The Department of Energy
  • The Department of Defense
  • NASA
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Universities
  • Gas Companies

In the course of managing compressed gases throughout the world, IES realized the cost benefits to customers of handling many of the more common industrial materials such as chlorine, ammonia, and propane as valuable, useable products.

Today, IES Recycling offers the benefits allowed through effective recycling. Our ability to match quality product with responsible end users allows reduced management costs for our customers and lower raw material expenses for the end users. The environment also benefits when large quantities of hazardous, but useful, material are prevented from becoming waste. The system works for everyone!

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